Did you finally receive an offer for your first “real job” or get that dream position you’ve been waiting for your whole life? Now what?

First of all, you need to be proud of what you’ve accomplished to get where you are. It most likely took you hours of hard work and persistence to get here. And, maybe some days it didn’t seem worth it.

You need to stop for a moment and enjoy what you’ve done. You’ve earned it!

When you get hired, or promoted to a new position, is that the end? No! Maybe it’s the end of one chapter of your life but it’s the beginning! Now the work really begins! Yikes!

To make my point, think of the athlete that gets drafted by a professional team or a musician that gets their first record deal is this the end? No, it’s the beginning! All of the hard work in the gym for the athlete or playing music in nightclubs until o’clock in the morning for the musician has finally paid off, that’s true, but guess what? The athletes or the musicians that think they can finally rest, never make it!

Life is one big never-ending journey. If you think there will be a time when you can rest, you’re wrong. Life never stops. The world keeps spinning and time keeps flying. You will rest when the time comes, but you won’t be alive to enjoy it. You must keep pushing to be the best! Yes, I know, it was a lot of work getting that first job or that new promotion but you must keep pushing yourself even harder.

If an athlete or musician doesn’t push to get any better there is always someone ready to take their place. Same thing with you! What’s the difference? There isn’t a difference at all. You must always look for ways you can better your life and your career otherwise what’s the purpose? Why are you here?

So, you got hired or received that promotion you’ve always wanted, now what? I’ll tell you what. Now it’s time for you to shine! It’s not the time to rest it is time to step it up a notch! It’s time to put the peddle to the metal! Take advantage of this opportunity because you never know if you will ever get this type of opportunity again. Now is not the time to waste your talent! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo