When Interviewing be Enthusiastic!


I hear stories all the time about companies looking for “fresh blood” and a new way of thinking. All companies get stale or stagnant after a while. It happens to the best companies in the world. No company is immune to it.

You have to be aware of this when you’re interviewing. Be energetic and enthusiastic when you’re interviewing. It matters. Even if you think the company isn’t going through this stale and stagnant period right now, they will still be looking for spark plugs, believe me.

If you’re not the upbeat or energetic type, that’s fine but you need to be enthusiastic about your profession. You have to convey that you have new ideas and potentially new ways of doing things better and more productively. Not just a person that goes through the motions. Remember, they already have those on staff.

As a professional recruiter I sit through meeting after meeting with clients and believe me they all want the same thing. I sit there and pretend to be interested, but they all say the same thing. They say, “We want some fresh blood and someone with new ideas” or some variation of that theme. Think about it? If you owned a company isn’t that what you would want? Absolutely!

So the next time you’re interviewing keep in mind that companies have plenty of dead batteries throughout their company so what they really need are spark plugs! They will be looking at you to light it up! Be alive. Be enthusiastic about your profession. Be that fresh blood they’re looking for and need. If you seem like all of the other dead batteries throughout their company you won’t get the job! I hope this helps!

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo