Want to Get Hired? Then schedule your interviews in person!


When you’re being contacted by a company about employment, always push for an in person interview. Your job on the phone is to schedule an in person interview. Period.

Nobody gets hired over the phone and nobody accepts a job over the phone. You have to meet face-to-face with any company that calls you about employment. So when they call you I want you to push for an in person interview.

When should you start doing this? Let the company explain the opportunity and position to you and if it sounds interesting – start pushing! The sooner you schedule an in person interview with this company the better. Why? Because the company representative on the phone is screening you and believe me they’re not screening you IN they’re screening you OUT.

The purpose of the company calling you is to see if you have the background and requirements for the position. Once they accomplish this they will start listening for knockout factors. In other words, something you say that will knock you out of contention.

What happens when you stay on the phone too long is you will start to ramble and say things you shouldn’t. Schedule the in person interview and GET OFF THE PHONE! When you’re on a phone interview you want get acquainted, confirm your credentials, and schedule an in person interview immediately.

The best way to accomplish this task is to say something like this in the phone interview, “This opportunity sounds interesting, when can we get together?” or “This sounds interesting, when can I see your operation?” Say something like this, it works, but you might want to tailor it to your specific industry. I cannot stress this enough. Do you want to get hired? Then GET OFF THE PHONE and schedule an in person interview. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo