Is your resume hurting you or helping you?

I was discussing resumes the other day with a client of mine and we both had the same frustrations with resumes/cv’s that we received on a regular basis, so I wanted to do a basic resume tip video for you to give you a couple of pointers – Top 3 Tips for an Effective Resume!

Effective resume tip #1

Keep your resume/cv current! I know this is basic and believe me, I wish this wasn’t true, but most people do not keep their resumes up-to-date! Why? I don’t know? But, you should always keep your resume up-to-date with your latest accomplishments. Don’t trust your memory!

As a professional recruiter I call candidates all day long and when they don’t have an updated resume I know it is going to take days/weeks for them to update it. Don’t be like that! Keep a running diary or “bio” on your accomplishments, so if an excellent opportunity comes calling, you will be ready!

Effective resume tip #2

Do not send generic resumes! Make sure you customize your resumes to each position you’re applying to. Why? Duties and tittles vary between each company, so make sure you put the title of the position you are apply to if you have the qualifications.

Don’t lie! I am not telling you to lie on your resume, but what I am telling you is to make sure you customize your resume to each position and MATCH THE TITLES exactly to the position if you have that experience. If you do not have the experience, obviously, you do not want to put down incorrect information.

Effective resume tip #3

Put your resume in plain english! Make it understandable to the dumbest HR person in the world. Make sure the company understands what you do. Make sure the company doesn’t have to look and search for your experience. Do you know why? They won’t search for it, that’s why.

Military people are the worst at this. If you’re making the transition from the military to civilian world, make sure you translate your military experience to your civilian counter-part. Again, if the person receiving your resume doesn’t understand what you do, they will not call you in for an interview. It’s that simple.

Once you get past the gatekeepers and move on to a hiring manager, then you can get detailed and more specific. Make sense? I hope these tips help.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo