Tips for Job Interview


Tips for job interview

One of the most important tips for a job interview I can give you is to make sure you “fit-in” with the company. What does “fit-in” mean?

You see, each company has a certain company culture to them and some of these cultures can match your personality, and some will not. This is more important that you will ever realize.

Some companies have conservative cultures and some have very loose or even party cultures to them. Some companies will do everything together like, golf, concerts, vacations, (you name it) and others work together and that’s about it.

I have recruited for companies that have sports teams, wineries, golf courses, night clubs, and the list goes on. So, the culture of the company you’re interviewing with will come into play when they decide to hire.

So how do you deal with this issue? Research, research, and research the companies you want to join. Don’t just interview without knowing the company culture BEFORE you interview with any company.

With all of the social media and Internet source out there you can find out anything and everything about companies. The type of people that work there. The type of college degrees they have. The type of organizations and foundations they are in or actually run. Everything!

The culture of a company and you fitting in is more important than you might every realize. You fitting in is very important to companies, in fact, I will say it’s the number one determining criteria companies use to determine which candidate they hire for positions. Number one!

There are a lot of tips for job interview, but making sure you fit in with the company and their culture is #1!

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo