Is there a specific area of the USA where you would like to live? Are you searching for a job in areas that will require you to relocate? What kind of success are you having? Here is the truth about a long-distance job search.

If you’re trying to get a position in a distance area, which will require you to relocate, the best way to conduct a job search in this situation is to be there! Move there! Live there! Living there is absolutely the best way but it isn’t always doable, is it?

If you cannot move to the area then you must know everything about the area. So read their local news websites religiously. You need to follow the local news issues, political issues, sports teams, everything! As if you already lived there! Absorb yourself in their state, city and community. Your goal is to be so knowledgeable on the area that any company you interview with will think you live there!

The reason why I want you to learn everything about the area is because it’s very important to have commonality with the interviewer. How important? Very important! Without it, you won’t get hired! Companies are very reluctant to hire people they have to relocate. Why? Because they have burned so many times with the expense of moving someone to their location, only to have them quit and move back to where they lived in a few short years.

Why does this happen? Why do people quit and move back to their old location? It could be they were home sick or their family doesn’t like the new area or they couldn’t sell their old house or they didn’t like the weather and, as you can imagine, the list goes on. The real reason is the lack of research on the part of the candidate on the area.

This is why the best way to conduct a long distance job search is to NOT be long distance! Living there is always the best way to find a position in an area where you do not currently live. Absolutely the best! If you can’t move there, then you must make it seem like you do through your specific and detailed knowledge of the area.

Another thing to keep in mind is, companies will hire local candidates over a long distance candidate every time. All things being equal, as in your education, years of experience and qualifications, companies will hire local candidates first. The key for you is to minimize the relocation.

The best way to minimize the relocation when you’re interviewing is to make is seem like there isn’t a difference between you and the local candidates. Be flexible. If you have to, pay for your own traveling expenses or relocation expenses for your long-distance job search. Flexibility, if you want to move to a new area, is the key for you. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo