Should you stay with your present employer or go? Are you currently faced with a new opportunity, maybe even an offer of employment, and you’re torn about what to do?

When you’re faced with the decision about leaving a company it is always hard to do, especially if you’ve been working there a long time. Maybe you have a lot of good friends there and it’s really comfortable and familiar, right? So now what? You have to leave all of this and go to the unknown? Yikes!

If you’re going through this right now what you’re feeling is fear of change. This is perfectly normal for you to have these feelings. When we leave the familiar and go to the unfamiliar it can cause uneasiness in all of us. But what’s the alternative? If you are stagnating in your career right now, is that what you want? There isn’t anything wrong with staying with the familiar, but there is something wrong if it hurts your career. Don’t make this mistake.

What you’re feeling is the same feelings you might have had going from high school to college, or college to your first job, right? Didn’t you have a little feeling of uneasiness? Maybe even a little fear of change? What happened to your friends? Your good friends are still with you, right? And the same thing will happen this time. The good friends you’ve made at your current employer will stay with you when you move to another company, or relocate to another area. You didn’t lose your good friends before and you won’t lose them this time.

When you’re learning new things and meeting new people, you’re growing. How exciting! Obviously there is something missing or lacking with your present employer, otherwise you wouldn’t be exploring new opportunities, right? If you have done your research on this new opportunity and you feel it’s the right company, position, location, potential and compensations for you – GO! It might turn out to be the best thing you ever did! Have fun! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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