Practice and Rehearse Your “lines” BEFORE Your Interviews!


Practice and Rehearse Your “lines” BEFORE Your Interviews! And, make sure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer. It is very uncomfortable to interview a candidate and they cannot maintain eye contact.

This interviewing stuff has a lot of parts to it, doesn’t it? First a company has to invite you for an interview, then you have to worry about your experience, what to say, how to act, what to wear, and now I’m telling you to maintain eye contact! How can you keep this all straight?

You have to become an actor, to some degree, not a phony but you have to learn your lines. You’re going to be on stage with this company, so you have to perform and be your best! Nothing else will stand! So, how do actors get ready for Broadway? Practice and rehearse. And that’s what you’re going to start doing. Don’t wing it!

Practice your lines (interview answers) in front of your family. Let them critique you and make suggestions. You might have all the right answers but your body language is horrible. You might be fidgeting around and not maintaining eye contact with them. They will tell you what you’re doing wrong. It will help believe me.

When I first started my radio show I had my wife ask me questions, like a caller calling into a radio show. It worked. As a matter fact, I was over prepared! And that’s what you will find. When you practice and rehearse your lines (interview answers) you will be over prepared! Which would you rather be? Over prepared or not prepared at all? I was so over prepared for my radio show that there wasn’t a caller’s question that I couldn’t handle. That’s how I want you to be in your interview.

Maintaining eye contact is very important. I’ve seen very qualified candidates not get hired, just because they didn’t look into the eyes of their interviewer. It matters. When you rehearse and practice your interview make sure this is one area your family focuses on. Eye contact. You can also practice in the mirror. Interviewing can be intimidating, just like being on stage, so learn and practice your lines (interview answers) just like actors do! If you rehearse you will be a big hit in your interview and when you’re a big hit in my business that means a job offer! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo