Not Getting Hired? Who’s Fault is It?


It might be your fault you’re not getting hired, but maybe it’s not? Could you be doing everything right and still not getting hired? Yes!

In my business I deal with companies and candidates during the interviewing process, and guess what? It’s not always the candidate’s fault they didn’t get hired. In fact, you might be surprised how many times it’s the company’s fault. It happens more than you think.

Typically the reason why companies are at fault is they don’t know how to interview and hire correctly. They are great at the business their involved in, whether it’s a product or service, but hiring people? Not so much. And I have found that it really doesn’t matter if the company has an HR Department or not. I know this sounds crazy, but some companies just have no idea how to hire people. Basically, they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s true.

Some companies play games. I have dealt with a company that put help wanted advertisements in trade magazines, newspapers, and Internet job boards with absolutely no intention on hiring anyone. What? I had a company hired us to recruit for them, but they had no intention to hire anyone. Again, what? Both of these companies were just padding their data banks with candidates for the future. Can you believe this?

One of the things companies do, all the time, is to look for the “perfect” candidate. Most of the time that “perfect” candidate doesn’t exist so they never hire anyone. We get calls from these companies and they will tell us they have been looking for over a year and they can’t find the right candidate. After doing an evaluation on a company like this, it’s typically their fault. Their salary range is too low for what they are looking for or they don’t have any benefits, etc., and the list goes on. I will usually find something wrong.

There are a lot of games being played out there, so you shouldn’t beat up on yourself if you’re not getting hired. If you’re doing your research and approaching the right companies, you will find something. And remember, the fact that you’re not getting hired isn’t always your fault. So stay positive and keep plowing. Sometimes it’s the company’s fault! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo