If you are going through this right now, don’t even consider accepting a counter-offer to stay with your current employer.

If the new position you’re considering is right for you and your career, why would you? Hopefully, the reasons why you are exploring another opportunity is because it’s a better situation for you and your career. Do not make a change in your career, just to make a change! Make a change for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons! If you are considering accepting a counter-offer to stay with your current employer, let me ask you a couple of questions.

1) Why are you exploring other opportunities for your career?
2) Are your reasons for wanting to leave going to change?
3) Are they offering you more money, or a new title, to stay?

Whatever your reasons are for exploring a new opportunity, are any of those reasons going to change? Let me guess, no? They might be telling you they are, but will they? In my experience as a professional recruiter, your current employer might be sincere about changing, but they won’t. Did you ever discuss the issues you had with them, before you were threatening to leave? Did anything change? Believe me when I tell you, they won’t change now, either. Do you know why? Companies will do, and say, just about anything to keep a key person from leaving. Don’t fall for it!

Is your current employer offering you more money to stay? Don’t fall for this either. Yes, they will probably pay you more money to stay, but it will never be the same. Employers do not like to be caught off-guard with an important hole on their staff, so they will do just about anything, including matching another offer or giving you more money to keep you from leaving. Great, right? No! It will never be the same at this company for you. If this was a relationship, you were caught cheating, right? It will never be the same at this company for you, regardless of the new title, or more money they are promising. The loyalty is gone and they will not forget it!

If you had discussions with your current employer about the issues, or concerns, you were having with them and nothing changed, then you need to move on. If your new opportunity is the right company, position, location and potential for your career, then you should move forward! Your current employer had their chance to change and they didn’t do it. If they are telling you they will change now, because you have an offer from another company, don’t buy it! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo