The little victories throughout your life will bring you the success you’re seeking. You must have these little victories to get where you want to go. Many of you think you can skip this step and start right at success. It doesn’t work that way.

As a professional recruiter I review a lot of resumes, CV’s, and biographical data on candidates. If there is one thing that sticks out with successful people it’s the little victories or successful track record they have throughout their careers.

The little victories, wins, promotions, and success you have throughout your life matters. Sometimes at the time these little victories might seem insignificant, but nothing can be further than the truth. These little victories shape you and give you confidence in your ability to be successful in the future. It’s part of your journey to a successful life and career.

These little victories give you a taste of winning and being successful. It doesn’t matter how small, little, or insignificant it might seem, it’s huge in the big picture of your life. You must learn how to be successful and that is exactly what these little victories do for you.

Your little victories can be in sports, arts, music, business, card games, school, or any other extra curricular activity where there is competition. Do you know another thing that sticks out on the resumes, CV’s and biographical data on successful candidates? They never quit or give up. NEVER! Even if they lose, they don’t give up. They keep plugging away until they reach some type of victory. They understand it matters.

You have to have these little victories to get to the big victories. You cannot quit! You cannot give up! If you start something (anything) stick to it and never quit. Finish what you start. Stay focused. Understand that the little victories in your life, even as small as they may seem, are very important. You must compete. Learn to win. Learn how to be successful. You have to learn these things because there really is a road to success, you cannot start at success. It doesn’t work that way. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo