Are you asking yourself, “How much am I worth? Do you know how much you’re worth when it comes to your career?

In ALL businesses you are being paid based the supply and demand of what you’re doing. That’s it! What is someone willing to pay you for your services? It’s not about your education or the level of importance it’s all about what someone is willing to pay you.

That’s why some professional athletes and entertainers can earn more money then a heart surgeon or schoolteacher. Are they more important? What about education? No, it’s all about what someone is willing to pay. I use these examples because it’s so easy to understand, isn’t it? Teachers are important and so are heart surgeons, but they still won’t make as much money as the number one draft pick in the National Football League. Not fair? No, very fair. It’s all about what someone is willing to pay. That’s it.

Now let’s look at you. What are you worth in your career? Are you getting paid what you’re worth? Are you? Do you feel like you’re underpaid? Let me caution you on something. Just because you FEEL you should be paid more (in the case of teachers) or you don’t think it’s “fair” that your career field doesn’t pay well. It’s very fair it’s called supply and demand.

If you’re complaining about how much money you’re making in your career maybe you’re in the wrong career field! Some industries just don’t pay well. It’s true. You cannot change it, regardless of how talented you are. If the amount of money you’re making is important to you then you have to understand this fact when you’re picking a career or if you want to change to a new career.

The key is, you want to make yourself in-demand in ANY career field. Do you know how you can do this? By being the best! The best ______ in your industry! When you become in-demand that’s when you can command more money in ANY career field. And, I mean ANY! There’s an old saying, “You’re where you are because that’s exactly where you want to be” well how about, “You’re making exactly what you’re worth” do you know why? Because it’s true! In other words, the amount of money you’re making is reflecting exactly what you’re commanding. That’s what you’re worth! So, how do you change it? Be in-demand! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo