If you’re floating around like a Jellyfish how are you going to get anywhere in your career? Find a career-don’t be a Jellyfish!

If you’re saying, “I just need a job” that’s not the right approach to your career. If you have been out-of-work for some time, I certainly understand that you “need a job” but you need to get focused on what you want to do with your life and your career.

Don’t be a person that goes from job-to-job all of your life. Find a career! Do you know why? Because during this economic downturn most of the people working are in “careers” and most of the people out-of-work are in “jobs”. There are exceptions, but it’s true.

In this economy even people in careers are feeling it. It’s slow. I am not saying this economy is great, we all know it isn’t. But even though this economy isn’t great the people in “careers” are doing better than the people with “jobs”. In other words, if you are one of those wondering nomads going from job-to-job and you really don’t have a career, you’ve been one of the hardest hit in this economy. So, quit drifting like a Jellyfish and find a career!

Jellyfish are drifters. They have some swimming abilities, but very little. They drift. Go with the flow. They really don’t have any direction whatsoever. Sound like anyone you know? Is this you?

There are so many reasons for you to find a “career” instead of a “job”, but let me give you just a few reasons. More security. More direction. More self-esteem. More fun. More money. Should I keep naming reasons? See, with a career it becomes you. It’s how you’re identified. You’re a Doctor. You’re an Architect. You’re a Police Officer. You are an Accountant. You’re a Dentist. You’re a Teacher. Get it?

Your goal should be to get into a “career” and get out of the job-to-job rat race. Am I saying every person in a career likes it? No! We are human beings that would be impossible! And, if you are one of these people in a career and you hate it? Guess what? You can change it! Go find another career! It can be white collar, blue collar, or even skilled labor jobs, it doesn’t matter. You can do it!

Take control of your life and your career. Don’t just “go with the flow” and drift through life. Don’t be like a Jellyfish with no direction or guidance in your life. You must find a career and don’t be a Jellyfish anymore. Do you know the most important reason why you don’t want to be like a Jellyfish? They don’t live long! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo