If you’re currently out-of-work, don’t tread water. Do you know what happens when you tread water too long? You will drown! It’s impossible to tread water forever.

If you’re currently out-of-work, you have to do something – anything! Get moving in a direction. When you start moving that’s where things will start to happen for you. The longer you stay motionless the longer it will take you to get going. It feeds on itself.

You must move in some direction before you will start to see things get better for you. If you can’t find a position that pays you what you want, take something that will get you out of the house and into the game. That’s what I mean by doing something. Again, treading water isn’t an option.

When you get “out there” that’s where you will meet people and hear about additional opportunities. And, it’s a funny thing about life, when you start to move and get out of the house and start working somewhere – anywhere – that’s when you will start to get calls about employment. Why does this always happen?

It reminds me of dating. When you’re not dating anyone it gets worse. It seems impossible to find a date. Then when you finally start dating someone, the floodgates open and suddenly everyone wants to date you. It has something to do about being unavailable or something. I don’t know?

It’s the same thing with having a job. Once you have a job, that’s when you start getting calls about employment. Crazy isn’t it? It’s almost like someone upstairs is testing you. HE wants to see you try and help yourself first, before HE moves in to help you further.

Get moving. Get out of the house. Do something. Anything. Treading water isn’t an option for you. Take any type of position to get you going. If you can’t find a job try volunteering. The main thing is to do something, anything, but treading water. Move! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo