If you are a Job Hopper you need to quit “jumping” and find a HOME for YOUR CAREER! Now!

If you’ve never heard the term “Job Hopper” or “Job Jumper” it’s a term we use in the recruiting business. It’s when we look at a resume and the person hasn’t stayed very long in ANY position. I’m not talking about interim positions you might have held when you were younger, like retail, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. What I’m talking about are professional positions that you have held since those days. Got it?

If a company thinks you won’t stay with them very long chances are they won’t offer you a position. Period. When they review your track record they will be thinking when the going gets tough you won’t stay and the chances of you being a long-term employee are slim. This isn’t good for you. You really need to find a HOME for YOUR CAREER. Now!

If you are currently a job hopper (and you job jumpers know who you are) when you are interviewing with a prospective company regarding employment you need to stress the fact that you are LOOKING FOR A HOME. Be honest. Explain to the interviewer that you have made some poor decisions in your career and what you really want to do is find a HOME for YOUR CAREER.

Do you see what I want you to emphasize during the interview? You need to make it clear to the interviewer that you understand you need to FIND A HOME and that you are LOOKING FOR A HOME for YOUR CAREER. Explain that you’re done jumping around and it’s time to FIND A HOME. I hope I am getting the point across to you as to what you need to emphasize during your interview.

The amount of success you have making the case during your interview that you want to find a HOME for YOUR CAREER will determine the outcome of the interview and if you will receive an offer from the company. First of all you have to be serious about changing your ways. Secondly, if you are serious, it will come through to the interviewer. In other words, you have to be believable!

In my experience the reasons why most people change jobs a lot and become “Job Jumpers” is because they didn’t do their research in the beginning. Don’t fall into this mistake! Take your career seriously and do your research before you approach a company for employment. Make sure it’s right for you. A good fit.

So, if you’ve moved around a lot in YOUR CAREER make sure you do your research. Make sure you are approaching companies that fit into what YOU want to do in YOUR CAREER. And then when you finally do get that chance to interview with your chosen company make sure you emphasis in the interview that you are looking for a HOME for YOUR CAREER! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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