How to Create Your Own Opportunities!

Did you know that you can create more opportunities for your career than you can ever find? It’s true! When you’re conducting your job search make sure you are contacting companies that are NOT looking. Yes, you want to contact companies that are advertising, but if you’re not contacting companies that are NOT looking, you are making a mistake.

I want you to cement this statement in your mind. Every company is looking. In my business as a professional recruiter this statement has always been true. In a good economy and a bad economy, but especially bad ones. Knowing this fact and understanding this fact will change your thinking about the amount of opportunities available for you.

The key for you is to include ALL companies when you are conducting your job search, not just the ones that are advertising. If you’re good at what you do for a living, and you contact a company that is not advertising an opening, they will meet with you.

Most of the positions we work on at The Palumbo Company are positions that are not advertised, so I know this to be true.

I want you to create you own opportunities and go for it! Don’t wait for you perfect company to advertise the perfect position for you. I want you to pick the company and create you own opportunity. I hope this helps. Watch now!

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo