Careers in Demand

Are you currently in a dying industry? Are you as marketable as you used to be? Is it taking longer to find employment? You must find career in demand for your success!

Don’t beat up on yourself if it’s taking longer than usual for you to find employment. It could be as simple as “supply and demand” there just isn’t demand for what you do in your career. That’s it!

If you’re a college student or someone that wants to go back to college and get another career. Please, please, please, make sure you look at getting into “hot industries” not dying industries. Make sense?

The hot industries to me are anything that you have to physically do like, transportation, construction engineering, medical, energy, hospitality, accounting and law.

You can get into these industries in a support and staff position, if you’re not a doctor, engineer, nurse, accountant or lawyer. All of these industries have support and adjacent industries that service these industries. That is where you need to focus your career or job search.

You can be the greatest in your current career field, but if that industry is dying it won’t matter. You must get into careers in demand or unfortunately you won’t be in demand. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo