Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a job. Just change what you’re doing! The only way you will not find employment is to give up! Don’t give up!

As I’ve mentioned in this space many times, interviewing is like dating, some companies won’t like you when you’re interviewing and you won’t like some companies, right?

So, you just haven’t found the perfect “match” yet!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when the economy is flat like it is today, is to look for positions where they don’t have any experience. Don’t do that!

In a hot economy companies will take a risk on you if you don’t have any experience, but in bad or flat economies they won’t. They just can’t afford to take the risk.

So, what does this mean to you?

You need to focus your job search on positions where you have the experience…for now. When the market gets better you can look for a new career or industry, but for not you want to be the most marketable as you can be, and that means in your chosen field or industry.

So, change what you’re doing and start looking for positions where you have the exact experience a company is looking for. This will help your chances of getting employment today! hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo