Always Ask the Company about Advancement Opportunities


When you’re interviewing you must ask the company about advancement opportunities. If there is absolutely no advancement opportunities the chances of you staying with this company are very slim.

When I’m dealing with a new client, I always ask them about any advancement opportunities within their company. If there isn’t any advancement or long-term potential for candidates within their company I can’t help them find someone for their position.

The potential for advancement is very important when you are searching for a new position. Why? If you’re not growing or advancing in your career you will get bored and quit. And typically it’s takes about three-years for you to reach that point.

Make sure you ask about advancement opportunities during all of your interviews. You don’t want to change jobs every three-years, do you? If the company doesn’t have any advancement opportunities for you, I would pass on this company and save you the heartache down the road. Keep looking.

In my business as a professional recruiter, most of the candidates we approach are unhappy because they don’t have any advancement opportunities with their present employer. This is very typical.
I speak to a lot of people about their careers and believe me this is one of the most common issues people have about their career. Don’t make this mistake. Make sure you ask about advancement opportunities in your interviews.

Make sure you research the type of companies that will provide you with proper training and opportunities for advancement. If the company you’re interviewing with doesn’t have any potential for advancement, you should pass and keep looking. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo