#1 Job Search Tip? Be flexible!

One of the common problems people have with their job search is flexibility. This is my #1 job search tip. Be flexible! In this video we will discuss these issues and how to overcome these very typical job search frustrations.

If you are job searching your local area and you haven’t found anything and THEN you want to start looking outside of your area, you have wasted a lot of valuable time. When you conduct your job search you need to include ALL areas AND your local market at the same time. Don’t wait until you have run out of contacts and local job opportunities before you start expanding outside of your local market. Expand outside of your local market right away! Who knows, maybe your dream job is located outside of your local market and maybe, for some of you, outside of your comfort zone.

Keep in mind when you are job searching, the higher the level of position you are seeking the longer it will take to find a position. And, there will be less available positions for you in your local market, which is another reason to expand your job search outside your local area. We live in different times, the days of working for the same company, in the same city, from the start of your career to the end of your career, is over. So, again, the #1 jobs search tip in today’s video is – Flexibility! You must be flexible. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo