How to Negotiate a Raise


What is the best way to negotiate a raise? Is there a best way?

No, there isn’t a perfect way, or best way, to negotiate a raise. Do you know why? Well, there isn’t a best way because every company is different in the way they do performance evaluations and salary reviews. If your company does evaluations or salary reviews at all! Typically larger firms will have some type of structure when it comes to performance evaluations or any increases in an employee’s salary. Smaller companies, not so much. Either way, you will have to address it at some point in your career.


Some of you will not like this answer, but here it goes. The best way to ask for a raise is to not have to ask for one in the first place! That’s right, you shouldn’t have to ask for a raise is my point. And, if you do have to ask for one you might be working for a cheap company that doesn’t recognize your talent, or you might not deserve one at this point, right? It’s not always the company’s fault, is it?

You should always be realistic when you are approaching your supervisor, or owner, about a raise. I have had situations where an employee will ask for a 25% increase in their salary! That’s unrealistic. Larger companies have salary ranges for a reason and one of those reasons is for you to have room to grow within the company. As you grow in your position, they will raise your salary within the salary range they have for your position. When you get promoted to a new position you will be eligible for a new salary, within a new salary range. Got it? They won’t be able to raise you 25% and possibly push you over your supervisor salary. So, you need to be realistic when you are asking for a raise. When you finish a big project, or get some type of award, this is always a good time to ask for a raise, but once again, if you are working for a good company you shouldn’t have to ask, right?

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Again, the best way to negotiate a raise is to be the best! Be known as the best in your company, at your position! Make yourself invaluable to your company. Make it so they can’t live without you, or if you left, they wouldn’t know what to do. Be in-demand! I would like you to command a raise, not ask for one! And the way you do that is to be the best! If your company doesn’t recognize your talents another company will! And that other company will be calling you and asking if you want to join their company. I see this all the time in my business.

If you are good at what you do and your company doesn’t want to pay you for your talents, someone else will! Gladly!

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