Stop Sending Unsolicited Resumes

unsolicited resumes (CV)If you are sending unsolicited resumes – stop it! You are wasting your time.

At our office we get a lot of resumes. Some of the resumes we are expecting and some are sent to us totally unsolicited, guess which ones we read? If a company is not advertising a position, contact them FIRST before you send them your resume. Make your resume “expected” not unsolicited.

What really gets me, and this happens more then you know, is when someone sends their resume to our office and they don’t have the background in the industries we represent. Why send your resume unsolicited to a company that isn’t advertising and you have absolutely no experience in their industry? I can see if you have experience in their specific industry but if you do not you are wasting your time, UNLESS, you make contact with that company FIRST.

When you make contact with a company first and discuss your background and what you can bring to their organization, even though you don’t have any experience in their industry, then they might want to see a resume on your background. When we have a situation like this at our office we would be expecting your resume instead of you sending it to us unsolicited.

I could be wrong but I think there are resume companies or some type of employment web sites that will “blast” your resume all over the world. That is the only explanation as to why we are receiving so many unsolicited resumes. This blanketed approach is a waste of time. A targeted approach is an effective way to conduct a career search. When you use a targeted approach you will get more interviews and those interviews will turn into offers. It’s that simple.

You have to do what you have to do if you are unemployed, but I want you to have success in your career search, not failure. I cannot tell you how many times people have told me, “I have sent out a ton of resumes” and they are not getting anywhere. I would rather have you send out three resumes to targeted companies and get one interview then sending out a ton of resumes and not get any interviews. Got it? I do not want you to send out unsolicited resumes it will just frustrate you!

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