Lying on Resume?

Cryptic+Resume%3F-300x300Are you hiding something in your resume or CV? Why? They’ll find out anyway!

If you knew whatever you’re hiding, or seemingly trying to hide, on your resume ultimately would be discovered would you do it? And, as someone who reads a lot of resumes, you’re not fooling anyone we can spot cryptic resumes!

One of the biggest red flags is the education section of your resume. No dates of graduation or having date ranges tells me you didn’t graduate, right? Don’t be so cryptic with your resume. Do you know why? Because it will be discovered anyway, that’s why!


How do you think a company will view you when they discover these discrepancies? Are you making a good first impression? No! So why do it? Why be cryptic about your past? Especially if you know companies will find out eventually? It doesn’t make sense. Don’t make things harder on yourself!

I am speaking from experience. Not just as a professional recruiter but earlier in my professional life. Let me explain. Many years ago, when I got out of the United State Navy, I sent a resume to a company, interviewed for the position and got the job. On my first day of employment the company introduced me to the rest of the staff and the vice president stood up and said I flew in the Navy as a PILOT! I did fly in the Navy, that part was true, but I wasn’t a PILOT! Talk about an awkward situation.

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So, what did I do? I corrected the situation immediately. I explain to everyone that I flew as a crewmember in the Navy, but not as a PILOT! But, do you know what? When I looked over my resume and read the part about my Navy experience it was unclear (to someone that wasn’t in the Navy) whether I was a pilot or crewmember. It was too cryptic! I wasn’t trying to hide anything but it sure seemed like I was trying to embellish my experience.

My situation was an honest mistake, but look how your resume can be misinterpreted when it’s unclear? And, look what it can cause? Are you doing this? Why? Don’t do it, believe me it will save you the embarrassment later. It was very uncomfortable for me to explain the situation to everyone, but it could have been avoided if I was clearer on my resume. Please don’t be so cryptic on your resume, just tell the truth and save yourself the aggravation of having to explain a discrepancy later.

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