Don’t Panic!

don't panic if you cannot find work

The worst thing you can do in a time of adversity is to panic! Don’t Panic!

Have you ever driven on ice or snow and watched someone else panic when they couldn’t stop? What happens? Typically they will slam on the brakes and make their situation worse, right? Now they are totally out-of-control and sliding all over the place. Are you doing this in your career? When faced with adversity do you panic or are you about to panic? Don’t, it will only makes things worse. The best thing for you to do is move in some direction. In other words, don’t tread water. If you’re having issues right now finding job opportunities and you feel like you’re about to panic, here’s what I want you to do. Get in the game! Anything!

I’ve told the story on my radio show about the time I started stocking shelves at a local grocery store when things got rough for me many years ago. It helped. When you start to move in a direction and find something to do, whether it’s a part-time job, volunteering, helping out at your church, or whatever you’re involved in, it will help with your mental health. You will have a reason to get out of bed. You will meet people. You will find out what’s going on in your community. You might even hear about a job opening that fits your background. Basically, you’re networking, right?

The funny thing is, when you start to get involved in something you will start to feel better about yourself and things will start to open up for you. It will. It’s crazy but it’s true. Things will start to happen. Good things! The main thing is your feelings of panic will subside. Yes, it’s true, taking a part-time job or volunteering might not solve your financial woes, but it will make you have a purpose again.

If you panic you won’t be able to pursue a career in the steel industry or tunnel industry and those are two industries, especially with the transportation and infrastructure push in the USA you should look into for a career change. So, if you feel more interested in steel go to recruiters in the steel industry and if you like tunnels go to recruiters in the tunnel construction industry today! Good luck!

If you’re suffering right now and you feel the need to panic the best answer is for you to do something. If you’re an able bodied person and you can still work. Do it! Anything! Believe me, things will start to change for you when you get involved and stop treading water! Remember, the worst thing you can do is panic!

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