Do You Have Excusitis?

excusitis?Do you suffer from excusitis? If your answer is yes, then you need to rid yourself of this disease!

I first heard the word “excusitis” many years ago from a mentor of mine named Michael Latas and the word fits, if it is a word, I don’t know. Excusitis is a word for people that find excuses for everything. If you are one of these people with this “disease” of “excusitis” it is holding you back in your life and your career.

We all know these people, don’t we? They make excuses about their health, intelligence, age, luck (that’s my favorite), and just about anything that will keep them from succeeding. If you are one of these people, you need to stop doing this ASAP!

As a professional recruiter, I have been involved with some of the most successful executives in the world, and you know what? Successful people have the same issues and problems we all have they just don’t use them as excuses for failure. They deal with the issues and move on. Do you know why? Because in business there are issues and problems to deal with on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis – it never stops!

Do not make excuses for every little thing that goes wrong in your life! Most of those excuses are just that – excuses! When you are evaluating your career do not look at someone else that is successful and say, “They are smarter than me” or “I didn’t attend the right schools” or “I didn’t go to school”. Your attitude will make more of an impact on your career than any “brains” or “intelligence”. There are a lot of smart people in prison right now. Intelligence isn’t everything it takes a lot more than that to be successful.

What about your health? Are you making excuses because of your health? Don’t get me wrong I know there are legitimate health issues that can keep you from succeeding in your career. But, there are very successful people that are blind, have missing limbs and are sick with some type of illness, possibly even life threatening. They are not making excuses! You shouldn’t either!

What about your age? Age is a relative thing, isn’t it? How you handle yourself is more important than your age. I have recruited and met fifty-year-old people that look, and act, like they are seventy. And, I have recruited and met seventy-year-old people that look, and act, like they are fifty. So, it really depends on how you act and handle yourself. Besides, with the Internet and technology today, who knows how old you are? When I am buying stuff on the Internet I have no idea how old the person is running the store, do you?

There are all kinds of excuses you can use, isn’t there? My all time favorite is “luck.” I love this one. People will say, “I have bad luck” or “I’m not as lucky as ______ is” or “I’m just not very lucky.”

When successful people prepare, plan, set goals, and execute their plan for their life and career, you will find they have “good luck” and when unsuccessful people do not prepare, plan, set goals, and have NO plan for their life and career, you will find they have “bad luck.” See how this works?
If you are suffering form “excusitis” in your life and your career, stop it! When you get rid of this deadly, painful, “disease” called “excusitis” you will start to take responsibility for the situations in your life and your career. You will become a better person to be around and you will be more successful than you ever dreamed!

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