How to Handle Salary Questions

money_and_bagWhat is the best way to deal with salary questions when you’re interviewing or filling out job applications?

Did you know that most people struggle with the question of their current salary, or salary history, when they are asked during an interview or when they’re filling out job applications for employment? If you don’t struggle with this question you’re not normal because most people do.

If you’re currently unemployed, when you are asked about salary requirements, put “open” in the space on job application where they ask for that information. Why? I want you to put “open” because you do not want to get screened out before you have a chance to meet with someone. If you put a salary number too high the company may not interview you because you’re over the salary range. If you put a salary number too low you might be leaving money on the table. Make sense? So, put “open” when asked about salary.
I had a candidate tell me the other day that he was filling out job applications all “over the place” but nobody was calling him for an interview. After asking this guy several questions to determine why he was having problems I found that he was filling out job applications and applying for positions that didn’t pay what he was asking for. It didn’t matter that he was willing to do the work for these companies they couldn’t afford to hire him, so why would they call him in for an interview?

You have to put “open” on those job applications, especially if you’re unemployed! Do you know why? Because you are “open” that’s why! You need to get back to work ASAP! Don’t stay unemployed because you cannot find a position that pays you what you used to make! How much money are you losing for each day you’re unemployed and waiting for that “perfect” position? A lot!

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If you’re applying for positions that pay $50k and you’re asking for $100k or maybe the position pays $35k and you’re asking for $50k you’re not going to get called in for an interview. It’s that simple. How do you avoid this? Ask the company what their salary, or salary range, is for the position. If it’s too low for you, don’t apply! Avoid the aggravation. If you put “open” on the application your chances of getting a call back from the company improve greatly.

I want you to get an INTERVIEW with the company you’re applying to. I want you to “get-in” and strut your stuff and show them what you can do. If you fill out these applications wrong you might not get the chance to show them what YOU can do for THEM. In my career I have seen candidates interview for one position and get offered a greater position. I have seen candidates interview for positions that have a low salary and be offered a higher salary. This can happen to you if you answer the question about salary the right way!
It reminds me of the saying, “You cannot win the lottery if you don’t play the lottery!” well how about, “You cannot get an offer if you don’t get an interview!” Your goal should be to get in the door! Give yourself the chance to shine! If you try this technique regarding salary questions you will be surprised at the results.