Preparing for an Interview?

Preparing+for+an+interview-240x300Are you preparing for an interview? If you get nervous about interviewing start thinking of your interviews as “meetings.”

Are you the type of person that gets really nervous when you start thinking about interviewing, let alone actually interviewing with companies? If you are, I have the answer for you. Start thinking of those interviews as meetings. I know its semantics, right? Well, maybe, but not to you! When you think of it as a meeting instead of an interview it will help you with your nerves.

We all have meetings in our daily lives. Whether it’s at the office, school, neighborhood, your kids school, your church, and so on. If you’re a living human being you have probably been in meetings yesterday, today, and you will be tomorrow. The other day I had a meeting with my son’s baseball coach. You get the idea.

Why is it we can have meetings about anything, but when it comes to meeting with a prospective company about employment, you know an “interview”, we get nervous. Is it because we don’t want to say something dumb? We don’t know what to wear? What to bring? We need the job? It’s all of those things, isn’t it?

Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter. Do you know why? As a professional recruiter I can tell you this with confidence. It doesn’t matter because ultimately companies will hire people they like. Period. Everything else being equal, the person they like the best will get the job offer. I’ve seen this throughout my career. It’s true.

It really is that chemistry thing I’ve discussed in this space many times. So, what’s the answer? The answer is for you to be yourself, be prepared, and think of your interviews as meetings. The company is meeting with you and YOU are meeting with them. That’s all. You evaluate the company and their opportunity and they can evaluate you. It’s a nice friendly meeting between two people to see if there is a match. I cannot stress this enough. When you’re preparing for an interview the #1 thing is, be yourself! When you are yourself in your interviews (Oops, I mean meetings) you won’t be as nervous.

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