Make a Good First Impression When Interviewing

first+impressions-300x300Are first impressions really that important when interviewing? Yes!

We are all susceptible to first impressions, aren’t we? How many times in your life did you meet someone you really didn’t like “at first” but then later did? When you are interviewing you will only have one chance to make a good first impression, so don’t blow it!

During the interviewing process you might have several “first impressions” with a company. You might have a telephone interview where you will have a first impression to deal with, right? And then you will have an in-house, face-to-face meeting, where you will have another first impression with someone else. All the way through the interviewing process you might encounter several of these “first impressions” because you might meet someone new at each step along the way.

Even at the end of the interview process some companies will have you meet the president or owner of the company, just to get their “stamp of approval” before they extend you an offer. I have seen this many times. In this case you will have another “first impression” to deal with, right? You have to be your best throughout the entire interview process.


If you have been on several interviews with a company do not let your guard down because you are starting to fill more comfortable with them. I have seen candidates start to curse, smoke, go out drinking with people in the office and all kinds of crazy things. If you are doing this you are making a mistake. You need to stay “on” until you receive an offer from the company. They are still evaluating you!

I am not telling you to be a fake and a phony, what I am saying is you need to realize you are still being evaluated for their company and the position. The last thing you need is a story floating around the office about you before you are even employed there! Stay on message and stay on point.

First impressions are so important when interviewing. It will make the difference between you moving forward in the interview process, or not. So, make sure you are at your very best. If you are not feeling well before your interview, on the phone or in person, call and reschedule. What kind of first impression will you make when you are sick? If something is bothering you, or you have a serious family issue, reschedule. Anything that will keep you from being your best during the interview you need to reschedule.

Occasionally during your life you will get a second chance to make a first impression. It happens. When you are interviewing you will not! You will have one shot at it, that’s it! If your first impression is horrible when interviewing with a company you will not get a second chance! Always, always, always stay focused and be your very best!

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