Annoying Interview Questions

Annoying+Interview+Questions-300x300Some interviewers can be very tricky and, quite frankly, very annoying with their interview questions. What’s the point?

Just when I think I’ve heard and seen everything when it comes to interviewers and their crazy tactics, I’ll hear about something else that will drive me crazy. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the purpose of an interview is to find out if someone is qualified for the position. Nope.

So whether it’s a psychological test, aptitude test, questions like “Tell me a funny story” or anything else that companies might spring on you during an interview, the thing you must keep in mind is your qualifications and experience plays a part, but not as big a part as you may think. Those annoying interview questions are to find out if they like you. Crazy? Maybe, but it’s true.

In my business as a professional recruiter, if I have three equally qualified candidates for a position the company will always hire the candidate that “fits in” and, most importantly, is someone they like. Oh, you thought High School was over did you? Nope. It’s alive and well in the work place today.

Today’s corporate work place is basically a professional popularity contest. Yes the people have to have the qualifications, to some degree, but those are just thrown in there for good measure. If the company really likes the person that applied for the position, that person will have an advantage. All things being equal among candidates, it’s the likeability and chemistry factor that will make the difference. No kidding, it’s High School all over again.

So what’s the answer? The answer is for you to do your research on every job opportunity that interests you. And I mean research everything! You have to research everything about the company, the people, and most importantly, the company’s culture. If you need to “fit in” to a company’s culture, then you must find companies that match YOU and your personality.

You have to think of your interviews like dating. When you’re dating you will meet some people that are involved in certain things that make you uncomfortable and it’s just not a good fit for you. Well, it’s the same thing with companies; some companies have certain cultures about them and they won’t be a good fit for you.

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People are different and companies are different. You won’t like or fit it with every person you date and you won’t like or fit in with every company you interview with. It’s a fact. Do your research and find a company that fits your personality, so that way when you’re interviewing you will have commonality with the interviewer and the company. This will automatically increase your odds of having the likeability and chemistry factors that are so important when interviewing. Welcome to adult High School!

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