Top Careers in Demand

Top Careers in Demand for 2016 and beyondWhen buying real estate it’s, location, location, and location! And when choosing a new career it’s, technology, technology, and technology!

I get a lot of calls at my office from people asking me which direction they should go in their careers. Maybe they are currently in a dying industry, or just bored with what they are currently doing, and they want some suggestions for their new career. The basic question they ask is, what are the hot industries or top careers in demand?


I answer the question the same way. Technology! Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a “techno-head” or anything, it’s just an industry that is not going away. I am not suggesting we all become computer programmers anytime soon. I just want you to research this industry for your new career.

We all know technology is exploding and whatever profession you’re in you can go into the technology fields. These technology firms have HR Departments, Legal Departments, Accounting Departments, Sales Departments, Shipping, Customer Service, and so on, just like any other industries.

If you are an accountant and you’re in a dying industry look into the technology fields, they need accountants. If you’re a salesperson and you’re in a dying industry these technology firms need salespeople. And the same goes for just about every position in business. The medical fields are exploding with technology. It is incredible what is being done in the medical fields with technology today.

There is no doubt that the industrial construction industry is a great place to look for a new career. If you’re looking for a new career contact recruiters in the industrial construction industry today!

Which brings me to another hot industry, the medical fields! If you can bridge the two, technology and medical, you will hit a home run! Once again, just like the example of the technology firms, I am not saying you have to become a nurse or a doctor! The medical fields also have those additional departments just like the technology firms.

I also like the engineering and construction fields that design and build public works projects like, wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, tunnels, rail, and highways.  Again, I am not telling you to become an engineer or a construction worker you can work in the other departments of these firms. Engineering and construction firms now have HR Departments and IT Departments when a few years ago they didn’t. Last, but not least, the accounting fields.

So, if you are looking for a career change, look into these hot industries and top careers in demand. 1) Technology 2) Medical 3) Construction and Engineering 4) Accounting.

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