How to Leverage Your Career



Do you know the best way to leverage your career?

The best way to leverage your career is to explore opportunities when you are gainfully employed, not looking, and happy! What? That sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Why should you explore opportunities when you are perfectly happy? Good question.

A quick answer to the question is you will make better decisions about your career. Period. Why? Because you are happy! Any opportunity you explore will have to be better. Better for your family and your career or you will not make the change. When you’re in a good position you will make sound decisions about making a change. When you’re unhappy, you won’t. In fact, you’ll take anything to get out of where you are presently working. That’s not the time to explore an opportunity. It’s the worst time.

Let me give you a sports analogy. When is a coach of a winning team the most marketable? When can they leverage their careers and command the most money? Or, when can an athlete command the most money and leverage their careers? When they win a championship, right? Well the same thing goes for you. The best time for you to command the most money and leverage your career into something you truly want is when you are on top. A winner.

The worst time for a coach or athlete to try to leverage their careers is when they’re not on top. When they have a bad year, right? Well, in your situation it’s the same thing. You want to be on top of your game! You want to be at your very best in your career. That’s the absolute best time to explore. Be a free agent! See what you’re worth in the marketplace.

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Do you know the best thing? You get to pick the company you want to work for. You get to pick the areas of the world where you want to live. Everything! You’re on top! You’re hot! That’s when you can leverage your career into that dream position you’ve always wanted.

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