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Getting Past the Gatekeeper

2015-03-04 04:05:36 mikepalumbo

Job Search – Getting Past the Gatekeeper!

In all of your dealings with companies regarding employment, you must be nice to the gatekeepers. It’s an art getting past the gatekeeper!

So, who are the gatekeepers within companies that will keep you from “getting in” to your dream company or dream position? EVERYONE in the company!

A gatekeeper is the person that calls you on the telephone to sit-up the phone or in-person interview. Gatekeepers are the people wondering around the building or people you meet in the halls on the way to the office where you will be interviewing. A gatekeeper could be the person taking your jacket or getting you coffee!be nice to the gatekeepers

Everyone you come into contact with with the company is a potential gatekeeper. These employees can keep you out of this company! Don’t bet against me on this! It’s true!


These people talk and if you’re a jerk to anyone along the way, the hiring manager will hear about it. And, even if you know the hiring manager, if you are rude to some of the people this hiring manager won’t go against the “team” or “staff”

You must treat every person you come into contact within the company as someone that can make or break your opportunity.

Who are the gatekeepers within companies? EVERYONE! Getting past the gatekeeper is key your job search and interviewing success! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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Job Search - "Old School" Style!

2015-02-28 19:41:51 mikepalumbo

Is it time to go “Old School” with your job search? Is all of the technology working? The technology today can seem to make it a lot harder than it used to be – back in the “old days” when we didn’t have all of these social network sites, Monster, LinkedIN, Zip Recruiter, etc.

Sometimes you just have to go “old school” to get the job done. Why? Because it works every time it’s tried, that’s why!


What I want you do to is pick the company you want to work for, let’s call it a “dream company” or “dream position” and then I want you to find out the person you should speak to within this company. For instance; sales manager, if you’re in sales; CFO, if you’re in accounting, and so on.

After you have the company, and you know the person you should speak to, I want you to visit this company in person – just like the old days – and ask to speak to this person and if they’re not there, leave your resume or business card with the receptionist (gatekeeper).

The key here is you want to put a face to your resume. Companies hire people they like, so when you visit this company be nice and “likable”

This works, I know this is “old school” but sometimes you have to go door-to-door and do it the “old school” way! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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How Are Your Job Search Skills?

2014-12-12 00:26:54 mikepalumbo

Man Scratching HeadOne of the most important job search skills to have is – flexibility. You must be flexible when you’re conducting your job search. In my years as a professional recruiter this is a problem for most people, and it holds them back in their careers.

What I mean by “flexibility” is being flexible on the types of companies, positions, locations, hours, travel, and basically everything even money. You shouldn’t be out-of-work and afraid to explore opportunities in another city, just because you’ve never been there. Never put a fence around you when it comes to your job search, if you are, you’re making a mistake and you’re possibly missing out on opportunities.

There are areas in the USA that are almost 100% employment, meaning they need YOU today! I don’t want you waiting around for your perfect position within the perfect company, expand you job search when you start looking for a job. I don’t want you to waste time in your local market and then when you can’t find anything start looking outside of your market. Look in your local market and additional markets at the same time.

Having excellent job search skills will help you throughout your career. And, if you’re not flexible you won’t be successful. If you want to maximize your efforts and find that dream career you’ve always wanted than be flexible.

Another thing, the higher-level positions take longer to find, so if you’re too stringent in your job search then it will take you even longer to find a position. See why you should be flexible?

One of the most important job search skills to implement while conducting your job search is flexibility. Being flexible on the types of companies, positions and areas will speed up the process greatly.

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