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You spend most of your time in your job, so you should (at least) enjoy what you’re doing all day. You are unique and you have a special gift and ability that no one else has. There is only one YOU. So the question is, are you utilizing your talents? If not, why not? I want to help you learn how to find your dream life. And, that’s my goal with this web site.  

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I want to provide you with the best resources on the Internet to help you find that dream career. To guide you through the noise and help you stay motivated in your special journey.

There are articles, videos, and radio podcasts on interview techniques, job search ideas, information about resumes (CV) and cover letters, employment trends and lots of motivational advice! You will get career counseling and learn the insider secrets about how HR departments and hiring managers work, what they look for in candidates, and how to establish chemistry with them and win the job!

I personally have over 20 years of experience working with some of the best construction, engineering and chemical firms in the world. If you’re looking for the best energy recruiters or you need to generate construction leads to your firm, we know the industry and can point you in the right direction. I know what these types of companies look for in candidates. I know the games they play. I know how you can “get in” and I will teach you how to be successful. If you want to start your own business, I can help you with that as well.

If your goal is to get out of your current (miserable) situation and have a better healthy life, then this is the place for you to find all of the information you need to be successful. This is the place to learn how to find your dream life!

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Personal Career Consulting

2015-01-26 21:46:24 mikepalumbo

Career Advice

Hi, my name is Mike Palumbo, and I have over 20 years of professional recruiting experience. I have helped companies, large and small, with all of their recruiting needs. I know what companies are looking for in candidates and, most importantly, I know the games and how to get you into your dream job!

Does this sound like YOU?

check1You’ve been out of the job market for a while, for whatever reason, and are having trouble finding employment?


check1Currently employed but you’re “under-employed” and want to get into a better career?


check1Just graduated from college or trade school and are having difficulties finding employment?


Or, maybe this is YOU?


check1Sick of what you’re doing in your career and want something more?


check1Want to change careers?


check1Going through the interview process and need some “specific” tips?


check1Have a phone interview scheduled and want some ideas on how to make it to the next step?


check1Need specific job search tips or have questions?


Or, maybe you have more detailed questions?

arrow_blue Going through an offer and your current company is counter-offering you?

arrow_blue Need some ideas and help with turning in your notice?

arrow_blue Need some tips and ideas on relocation expenses when relocating?

arrow_blue Dealing with a bad reference?

arrow_blue Dealing with something negative in your past?

…and really anything you can think about. I have seen it all!

I would love to help you find that dream career you’ve always wanted!

Enter your information below and we can schedule a time to discuss your career situation, strictly confidential. It will be personal career consulting on a professional level. Don’t waste anymore time struggling with these job, career, job search, interviewing, offer, counter-offer, travel, relocation and any other career questions you have been dealing with anymore!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Mike Palumbo

PS. Your first 15 mins is FREE – if you don’t like what you’re hearing you won’t be billed a thing!

 P.S.S. Yes! This call will be scheduled with Mike Palumbo, not an assistant, not anyone else!!!


Let’s get started!!! You have nothing to lose!!! The first 15 mins are absolutely FREE!!!

click link!


One-on-one, confidential, career advice with Mike Palumbo


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Trust Your Gut!

2015-01-13 05:16:00 mikepalumbo

When you are faced with a situation in your career that just doesn’t feel right, trust your gut! Someone (or something) is telling you something.

I have had many situations in my career and throughout my life, where I was faced with an opportunity or maybe even in a relationship, where something didn’t feel right. Most likely because it wasn’t right and you knew it wasn’t right for you. In cases like this – go with your gut!

I am sure you’ve heard that old saying, “It’s too good to be true” well, most likely if a situation sounds that way it’s because it is “too good to be true” and something inside you is telling you it doesn’t feel right.

The problem people have when they’re faced with these situations is they tend to move forward – even though in their gut it didn’t feel right!

I have had candidate pass on an interview, turn down positions, and just back out because “something didn’t fee right” with the situation. I totally get it! I understand totally! More of us should learn how to trust our guts, especially today.

There are a lot of scam artists out there that will promise you the moon. They will say things like, “I promise we will get you a job” or “You will have stock within 90-days” or “We will make you a Vice President” and the list goes on. Sometimes these are legitimate opportunities and legitimate offers, but when something just doesn’t feel right to you – and you cannot explain why – trust your gut!

Again, throughout your career you will be faced with decisions about relocating, promotions, career changes, and if something doesn’t feel right with the situation – trust your gut! I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo

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Career Decisions

2014-12-30 10:02:48 mikepalumbo

When you’re dealing with career decisions the best thing you can do is act! Don’t wait for everything to be absolutely perfect before you make a decision, because there really isn’t a perfect time to do anything. In other words, if you wait for everything in your life to be perfect you will be waiting a long time!

If you wait for everything to be perfect in your life before you make a decision then chances are you won’t make a decision. And a “no decision” isn’t a decision at all. A “yes” or a “no” is a decision, but not making one isn’t. Make sense?

I am not telling you to be reckless or put off your responsibilities, of course you have to prepare, plan, and have survival tips at hand, but the problem lies when you cannot make a decision at all. Procrastinating and waiting for everything to be perfect will cost you most of the opportunities in your life (read that again).

You will be confronted with career opportunities throughout your life. Don’t procrastinate and wait for the “perfect” time to act. Do it now! 


The winners in life make decisions. We might not like their decisions, but they make them. Do you know why? Because winners realize that opportunities don’t always come at the right time. In many cases throughout your life you will be confronted with an opportunity for your career and life – outta the blue!

In my career as a professional recruiter, I have seen people get fired, passed over for promotions, mover from job-to-job, and really struggle throughout their careers. Life is a constant struggle for them and do you know why? It’s because of their inability to make decisions. Is this you?

Start making decision in your life and start moving in a direction – any direction – and watch your career take off!

The losers drift around life, tread water, and procrastinate while the winners take all the opportunities in life. This might sound harsh, but it’s the truth. Start making career decisions and stop worrying about everything being so perfect before you try something.

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