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Welcome to Professional Career Advice, the place to come and learn how to find your dream career. Feel free to check out some of the great content and resources on everything about careers and the life changing choices we make.

We know it’s not easy to find that perfect career “fit” for you. So that’s why we’re here, to help you!

I’ve set up this web site to share my knowledge on important topics like: 

  • Career Advice
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Job search tips
  • Interview tips
  • Career motivation (we can all use some of that!)
  • Changing careers
  • Career trends
  • …and much more!

You spend most of your time in your job and chosen career, so you should (at least) enjoy what you’re doing all day. You are unique and you have a special gift and ability that no one else has. There is only one YOU. So the question is, are you utilizing your talents? If not, why not? I want to help you learn how to find your dream career. And, that’s my goal with this web site.  

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I want to provide you with the best resources on the Internet to help you find that dream career. To guide you through the noise and help you stay motivated in your special journey.

There are articles, videos, and radio podcasts on interview tips, job search tips, information about resumes (CV) and cover letters, career trends and lots of motivational career advice! You will get career counseling and learn the career insider secrets about how HR departments and hiring managers work, what they look for in candidates, and how to establish chemistry with them and win the job!

If your goal is to get out of your current (miserable) situation in your career, then this is the place for you to find all of the information you need to be successful. This is the place to learn how to find your dream career!

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